Quick Track and Trace


Fast-Links is a third party logistics provider focused on utilizing industry leading technology allowing for timely analytics and innovative solutions for our clients. Solutions that reduce costs and improve operational efficiencies within several areas of the supply chain.

With over 35 years of industry experience in both asset and non-asset based environments, our senior management team is passionate about delivering first class service with a focus on cost effectiveness. This is done by collaborating with strong partners and jointly developing solutions that consistently demonstrate innovation, enhanced customer experiences and operational excellence.

Bill has enjoyed over 32 years in the transportation logistics service to date. Throughout his careers his positions varied from sales manager, directing sales. He was the President and Founder of Veritas Transportation Services, President and Founder of National Fast Freight & President and Founder of Fast freight International. At this time Bill is the President and founder of Fast-Links Inc.

The needs of our clients is our top priority. Quarterly business reviews ensure we are continually aligned with their evolving needs and future growth plans.

Whether you’re looking to reduce costs, improve on-time service or do an in depth study on all facets of your transportation management processes, Fast-Links has the resources to help you on your way.